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review: ceraVe hydrating cleanser.

{clean and soft}

i like to really target my skincare.  if i have a zit, i apply treatment to just that spot, if im worried about my eye area, i'll up my eye cream game.  i want my face wash to be an neutral as possible, creating the perfect canvas for my makeup during the day or my treatments at night.

always on the hunt for a budget friendly daily wash, i decided to try one from the dermatologist brand , ceraVe.  ceraVe hydrating cleanser is ultra gentle - soap-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, and non-irritating.  it removes dirt or makeup, while leaving skin ever so slightly hydrated.  some heavier face or oil-based washes left me feeling hydrated, only to be broken out a few days later.  this is a much more subtle hydration, with patented MVE technology that allows the moisturization to continue for hours after use.  also available is a foaming facial cleanser, for normal to oily skin.

available in mass retailers, SRP $11.99.

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