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new: MAC cosmetics X proenza shouler.

{oil spill of beauty}

beauties, i fell into blogging by way of my obsession with proenza pinkproenza pink was a chalky, milky pink lipstick created by lancome for the proenza runway show years ago, that required a name on the wait-list and a trip to the lancome boutique on columbus in order to obtain.  it is literally the first thing i ever blogged about.  discovering it, purchasing it, and having that distinct color capture a very specific time period is a big part of what continues to inspire me to write about beauty.  so when i saw proenza shouler created a limited edition makeup collection with MAC cosmetics, i couldn't wait to touch.

the makeup for this collaboration is meant to accompany shouler's fashions.  it's for a woman who wants a "confident look - slick, sleek and effortless".  don't we all?!  the collection is housed in it's very own limited edition multi-chrome metallic packaging which has a nice weight to it, and gives it a distinct feel from traditional MAC black. 

what i tried:
  • pinkfringe satin lipstick - an orange-y pink frost.  it's a distinct shade without being an overwhelming amount of color, almost like an updated proenza pink.
  • bougainvillea nail lacquer - nails that stand on the margins of red and orange are a summer 2014 staple.  this one works nicely because it manages to avoid the acidity of too much orange.
the whole collection is marked by distinct, decisive color.  visit it at maccosmetics.com.

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