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{off we go}
i'm taking the #aveenodailychallenge to get healthier this spring.   for the next three weeks i'll be eating more fruits and vegetables (i'm going for 5 serving/day).  even more challenging, i'll moisturizing every day with aveeno daily moisturizing lotion.

both of these things will be tricky for me - it's so easy to grab food on the go that is devoid of nutrients.  and even though my skin has been totally dessicated by the winter weather, daily moisturizing is a habit i've never picked up.  i went to trader joe's and stocked up on grapefruits, tomatoes and cucumbers so that i'd have some healthy choices around, and i'm trying to apply lotion immediately after the shower.  

follow my challenges on twitter - @makeuplovesme.  to see the other bloggers participating visit the aveeno facebook page.

editor's note:  please be advised that this challenge is part of a campaign sponsored by aveeno.  all opinions are my own.

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