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review: lush spa synaesthesia treatment.

{the treatment room}
lush has opened it's first spas stateside - one in NYC and one in philadelphia.  since the lush spa arrival on lexington avenue, this novel spa has captured my heart.  the spa resembles an enchanted grandmother's cottage tucked in the woods.  i love feeling like i'm living in a fairytale, so i've already been twice!  during my most recent visit i went in for their signature treatment, synaesthesia

{confidence embodied}
synaesthesia describes the ability to experience one sensation with another one of the five senses.  for instance, being able to taste a color, or see a noise.   i got to chose from a huge board of words to decide what i wanted to get from the massage.  after carefully considering enlightenment, i chose "confidence".  this word guided both the scent of the massage bar for the treatment, and the areas of focus.  since confidence draws from the chest and upper back those were the areas my specialist, ellysha, worked on.  i was then also allowed to chose a bottle -- without smelling.

{can i take this home?}
i chose a tiny dark bottle with the words "achieve, without trying".  the 80-minute massage then takes one on a 24-hour journey.  the music starts with the sounds of mid-afternoon, progressing through twilight, night and right through early afternoon of the next day.  the sounds of owls hooting and birds chirping make it feel like a very real voyage through time. 

i left feeling clearheaded, and well, confident!  book online at here.

PS - the may edition of the lush times, lush's in-store news letter, will be featuring a story by me.  be sure to check it out!

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