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review: exhale spa deep detox.

{the machine in the princess bride}

  • exhale spa's newest treatment - deep detox - targets muscles that are more difficult to tone (like lower abs).  the core of the treatment is a 1/2 hour of electric muscle stimulation, followed by a shea butter detox masque and a warm oil massage.  when i first saw the machine used for electric muscle stimulation, i was immediately reminded of the machine in my favorite movie, the princess bride.  both involve wrapping the body in straps that are hooked to an electric current.  luckily, the electric muscle stimulation at exhale has some notable differences: 

  • it's not painful, but you do feel your muscles working.  it feels like a combination of squeezing and tickling.  according to my technician, shannon, to know the treatment is working properly it should not be painful, but maybe just under painful to get the full benefit.  one should feel deep muscle groups working.
  • rather than sucking years of life away, this machine sucks fat away!  or more accurately, it helps to tone hard-to-reach muscles and helps with drainage in the area by stimulating the lymph system.
{exhale's version}
i asked shannon to focus on my lower abs and back of my thighs, two of my trickier areas.  immediately afterwards my pants fit looser.  over the next few days i continued to see smoother, toned skin in those areas.  as with most treatments, there are immediate results, and more profound results with a series of treatments

still, i'm pretty happy with my one time results.  i would definitely consider it as a boost before a special occasion.  i immediately wished i'd had it before my wedding, or my recent beach vacation.

currently available exclusively at exhale's central park south location.

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