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arm+ hammer baking soda blowout tip.


perhaps you saw this picture on instagram last week promising a baking soda tip on the blog? 

back story:  i visited dreamdry for a wash and style using arm + hammer last thursday.  the trick to a great updo is to start with hair that's a little dirty, but the trick to a great blowout is the opposite.  clean hair is what holds a blowout for days.  arm + hammer has many uses - in baking, in cleaning, and beauty.  however, i was previously unaware of it's use as a shampoo additive.  the best way to remove build-up and oil from hair is to mix a dime size amount of baking soda with your regular shampoo.

as i was getting my hair washed it actually squeaked - that's how clean it was.  my blowout lasted a record 4 days.  the best part?  arm + hammer baking soda is infinitely more affordable than any clarifying shampoos on the market.

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