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new: secret insvisible solid solid 48 hr in paris, brazil and hawaii.

so far the weather in NYC in 2014 has been the sort that inspires escape fantasies.  unfortunately hopping on a plane to paris, hawaii or brazil requires a lot more planning and funds than i currently have.  secret's new 48 hour invisible solid antiperspirants come in 3 new scents inspired by the aforementioned locales to bring a hint of the vacation to you.  paris is scented with romantic rose, hawaii in citrus breeze, and brazil smells like rainforest mist

a recent date night with the brand reminded me that while jetting off for an overseas getaway may be tricky, making little changes that suddenly make your routine seem fresh can be easy.

{tache chocolate-making class}
last thursday secret invited me + a guest (i brought my husband) to enjoy an evening inspired by a romantic 48 hour parisian getaway.  we visited tache artisan chocolate and enjoyed a candy-making class.  it was here that i learned my fantasies of becoming a chocolatier may be ill-advised. 

 then we were off to artisanal (a parisian bistro + cheese restaurant i have always wanted to try) for wine + fondue.  the fondue was so good it made my husband begin plotting to buy a set for our home.  i then dined on their famous chicken under a brick (the waiter informed me it's been their best seller for years), and my husband had the lobster risotto.  

{maison kayser}
we ended our whirlwind evening at maison kayser for a truly european selection of mini-gateaux.  though we could barely eat at this point we managed to fit in a few creme-filled delights, and leave with a bag of madeleines for the next morning.

perhaps escaping the nasty weather rut is as simple as trying a new restaurant, or switching out your deodorant, with something a bit more exotic.

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