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new: dial vitamin boost body wash.

beauties, i happen to have escaped this latest winter storm (i spent the past 5 days blissfully tucked on the beach in mexico), but now i've returned and the desire to hibernate is real. the recent frigid NYC weather has been giving me narcolepsy. 

i'll take any form of boost i can get -- and this AM i'm attempting to harness the energy from vitamins, in the form of the body wash.  the new dial boost washes come in amazing B and super C formulas.  both vitamins are known for energy and skin enhancement. 

the other complication of this weather i've been suffering is extremely dry skin.  these washes work to combat that too!  amazing B is lotion-infused, and super C is oil-infused to keep skin hydrated.   

SRP $4.99, on shelves february 2014. 

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