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review: orlane B21 extraordinaire youth reset.

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i'm fairly certain this cold, dry weather ages me 10 years every time i step outside.  seriously, don't go out there.  my skin is dry, dull, and somehow also puffy.  so far, january feels like my least pretty month of the year (let's hope anyway)!

with my skin woes in mind, i've been switching up my typical regimen to increase hydration.  orlane B21 extaordinaire youth reset is a unique texture -- that can be used as an added step between serum and moisturization, or applied alone morning or evening.  normally i wouldn't be open to a product that adds steps to my skincare regimen, but at this point more is more when it comes to moisture, so i've been adding this step before a thick cream at bedtime.

i love the light texture of orlane B21 extaordinaire youth reset, which allows it to melt into skin.  it has the light floral scent of luxe skincare, which always feels deliciously decadent.  i notice it's effects mainly on my forehead - which is my face's achille's heel - plumping up and filling out my fine lines. 

bottom line:  if you live for luxe, you will love this product. 
$250 at orlane.comhttp://www.orlane.com/b21-extraordinaire-youth-reset.html/

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