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new + review: bobbi brown nude glow collection.

{katie glows}
bobbi brown's newest collection - nude glow - taps into the brand's roots, creating the perfect natural-plus look.

the collection is arranged so that one can create a complete look based on skin tone.  the crystal finish is for light skin tones, nude for the medium complected, and bronze for darker skin tones.  each line then has a finishing powder, nail polish, sheer lip color and 4-color eye palette.    

{the line with shine}
i've been playing with the crystal eye palette and sheer lip color in pink flush (both hail from the crystal line, recommended for paler faces).  it's amazing how much subtle glow the look creates.  i especially love the lip color.  the look has the same effect confidence-boosting effect as a good blowout.  while i love louder looks for nights out, this is the perfect makeup for a job interview or a possible run-in with an ex.  it's that "i'm not trying, i'm just radiant" go-to everyone needs in their repertoire.     

view the line here.

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