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five things to try this january.

1. mascara cocktailing (v.) - the act of layering two mascaras - using different brushes and formulas - to create one's desired lash look.  covergirl's newest bombshell mascara streamlines one's makeup bag by giving users two formulas and two brushes on one double-ended wand.

2. qtip precision tips - these pointy ended versions of the original cotton swab are so handy.  i use 'em to clean up the edges of my eyeliner looks and to dot treatments very precisely onto areas with breakouts.

3. clinique superprimers - a rainbow of 6 unique primers that respond to any and all skin woes.  color correct for sallowness and color correct for dullness are vital this time of year, for obvious reasons.

4.  pretzel crisps - one of my goals for the new year is to bring more healthy snacks to the office.  only problem is that when i make only pack veggies i still end up hunting down carbs in the office cabinets.  offsetting my greens with a handful of pretzel crisps plus edamame hummus goes a long way towards preventing total carb meltdown.

5.  essie belugaria nail lacquer - this may be just the right amount of nail art given my new love of refined nail design minimalism.  it's a matte finish, textured/jewel-encrusted black that i'm planning to make my signature polish in 2014. 

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