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new year, new bras.

{nothing finer than french lingerie}

this new year's eve my husband and i will be joining nivea in times square for the ball drop.  they are hosting a gatsby-themed evening, so i'll be rocking my cat eye liner.  we'll be staying in a hotel right on 42 street for the next couple of nights -- a very welcome staycation.  

this year has been magnificent - blog and personal life.  my site redesign, wedding, and travel were among the highlights.  but as the year draws to a close, it's impossible not to think over the years highs and lows, and to start considering about what you'd like to tweak in the year ahead
one place i'd like to start making changes is in my underwear drawer.  in fact, over the course of the year i'm hoping to go over my entire wardrobe with a fine-tooth comb, weeding out anything that doesn't make me feel incredible.  but i'm planning to start with what's underneath.  the more i experiment with chantelle lingerie - the more i realize that mass brand undergarments are not doing me any services.  one thing i learned this year is that a professional bra fitting goes a long way.  it changed the size i buy, and my idea of how a bra should fit.  i'm hoping to use that mindset as i eliminate dated garments without mercy over the next few weeks!

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