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my experience with microdermabrasion at guerlain spa.

{actual elevator in the waldorf}
the guerlain spa in the waldorf astoria added two new treatments to their menu this fall - microdermabrasion and micro-current.  i've heard about microdermabrasion for years, but never tried it.  this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it in one of my favorite spas (to read my post on what to expect from the guerlain spa experience click here).

here are the answers to things i was most curious about before the treatment:

{the actual machine}

does it hurt?  not one bit.  it felt like a very gentle tingling.  no sting.  no burn. 

is your face red or irritated afterwards?  no more so than after an ordinary facial.  i was worried i'd leave the treatment looking like samantha from sex and the city after she had that chemical peel with her dermatologist which left her wearing a veil over her face.  thankfully it was nothing like that.  immediately after the treatment i was ready to show my face to the world.

what is the effect?  the effect varies based on skin's starting condition and the number of treatments received.  the diamond tipped wand removes all of the dry, dead skin cells from the outer layer and stimulates production of healthy newer cells.  for me, the effect has been a j. lo level GLOW.   my skin is usually dull and dry this time of year, but since my treatment (nearly a week ago) i'm radiant.

would you do it again?  absolutely, especially the week before a big event where i wanted my skin to look it's best.

what is the cost?  $150 for a 30 minute session, typically as an add-on to any guerlain facial service.  four to eight treatments are recommended for optimal results.

who was your specialist?  my treatment was with livia.  she is a wonderful esthetician.  to book with her or anyone else at guerlain visit guerlainspas.com.

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