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holiday 2013: lush cosmetics the night before christmas gift.

the night before christmas gift from lush cosmetics really takes it's owner through the entire week before christmas with seven seasonally appropriate bath bombs:
  • golden wonder bath bomb
  • cinders bath bomb
  • snowman bath bomb
  • twilight bath bomb
  • avobath bath bomb
  • shoot for the stars bath bomb
  • so white bath bomb
the set is housed in a loveable goodnight moon-esque hatbox.   this gift combines two of the things i love to collect - lush bath products and beautiful boxes.  i can't decide if i love the bombs or the box more.   what i do i know i'll have the box long after the bombs have been fizzed away.

the night before christmas gift retails for $49.95.  this is one of many, many imaginative holiday offerings from lush.  visit their site to see the whole range here

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