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five things to try this november.

1. mederma stretch marks therapy - the cold months are the best time to focus on fading imperfections before bikini season comes back around.   mederma is my preferred scar and stretch mark fader.  remember:  the fresher the mark the better the fade.

2. vosges aztec elixir couture cocoa - spicy hot chocolate is superior to sweet hot chocolate.  i like to make this version on my stovetop with whole milk, or half and half, if i'm feel extra decadent.  $15.

3. indie lee coQ 10 toner - toner is my skincare everything.  this alcohol-free, natural, antioxidant toner soothes skin in these dry times and helps prepare it to absorb moisture.  $32.

4. illamasqua precision ink in havoc - perfect for an autumnal cat eye.  this aubergine liner looks extra special on blue and grey eyes (like me!).  $27.50.

5. laura mercier votive candle sampler - this holiday gift that is worth buying early and enjoying through the season.  a gourmand candle quad that includes ambre vanille, creme brulee, fresh fig, and an exclusive tarte au citron scent.  these scents are ideal for executing cher's motto in clueless of making your home "always smell like something is baking".  $65.

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