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review: cowshed lazy cow soothing travel candles.

{cow candles}

i contain multitudes - i am both candle hoarder and candle snob.  one of my favorite ways to unwind after a long day is with a glass of wine and a candle, but i hate scents that are too fruity, incense-y, or almost anything vanilla.  a candle must achieve an elegant balance to win my affections.

cowshed lazy cow soothing travel candles may have a silly name, but the scent is strictly refined; a mix of jasmine, camomile, and sandalwood.  made from natural wax with egyptian cotton wick.  they come in delicately etched glasses that i plan to wash and reuse as q-tip holders. YES.  i know, perfection. 

the brand makes many other unexpected scent combinations, including horny cow which mixes rose absolute, patchouli and cinnamon (i'm looking to get my hands on this one next. seduction, here i come!).  $34.50 for the set for 4 travel candles at cowshed.com.

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