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new: lush cosmetics halloween offerings.

{my halloween treats}

lush cosmetics always goes batty for halloween.  each year their innovative take on the holiday is one my favorite to admire.  this year's picks are spicy!  here's my haul, going clockwise, starting with the green sphere:
  • lord of misrule bath bomb - this witchy little sphere has a wine colored center, and smells of patchouli + mint.
  • the enchanter bath bomb - perfect for casting a seduction spell, with the sultry scents of  citrus + neroli.
  • demon in the dark soap - with two types of mint, this soap is refreshing; peppermint, organic apple juice, spearmint + clove.
  • pumkin bath bar - bath bars are known for maximum bubbles, this one has an earthy floral scent and an adorable jack-o-lantern face.
  • ceridwen's cauldron bath melt - prevent nightmares by soaking in a tub of lavender and sandalwood.
lush cosmetics is the reason i love to take baths.  i may have to take one every night this week just to enjoy these thematic treats.  visit lushusa.com to get your hands on them.

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