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review: the lash loft.

{the space}
my love of lash extensions is no secret, or at least it shouldn't be.  I. LOVE. LASHES.  i've tried many of NYC's top lash studios, and more continue to emerge.  the lash loft on 20th street opened over the summer and i finally made my way there 3 weeks ago.  it makes a stunning first impression - the entry features NEST fragrance candles and pellegrino, two of my favorite ambiance creators.
since i've reviewed the process of getting lashes many times this post will just focus on what made my experience at the lash loft unique (to get a sense of the process check out this post):
  • the lookbook:  my pre-application consult involved a variety of pictures to ensure what i envisioned and what my lash expert created were a match.  i went for a cat eyed look with longer lashes on the outer corners.
  • the comfort:  this was the most comfortable lash application i've ever had.  i fell asleep!  whenever other people mentioned they'd fallen asleep during extensions i'd always be politely incredulous (while thinking, you fell asleep with your eyes taped closed and someone repeatedly touching them?  have you no regard for your own safety?!).  however something about this application just lulled me into a content nap.
  • no sting:  the glue was painless.  i've always had a bit of a biting sensation when i first open my eyes to check out my new lashes, not this time.  the lash loft would be great for someone with sensitive eyes.
{the effect}
 check them out at thelashloft.com.

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