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new: hanes hosiery pure bliss.

everyone knows i love my hose.  so when hanes hosiery invited me to breakfast to hear about the new additions to the line, i was happy to join.  hanes pure bliss hosiery is on shelves this september.  the pure bliss line has built-in mild compression and micro-massage to stimulate circulation, in order to keep legs healthy (and sexy!).

to fit with their more holistic hose, the brand have a new spokeswoman, sadie nardini.  her story is truly inspirational -- she went from being unable to move in her teen years (due to case of untreated meningitis) to being a super yogi.  she now travels the world teaching yoga, but she still believes in balance.  she offers tips like, "drink organic vodka with fresh juice to detox a bit while you drink."  she also believes in starting the day with a cup of hot water with lemon.

i've been using the lemon water tip for a week now and it really does help in waking up the system.  i still have a coffee 20 minutes later, but it is a nice start to the day.  while i'm only planning to do yoga only in moderation, i am going to try to continue with the lemon water, and definitely try out the pure bliss hose this fall.

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