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five things to try this september.

1.  la prairie cellular radiance cream blush - flushed cheeks are a fall must.  i have it in rose glow, which gives the perfect hint of color, but i'd carry this silver and gold compact around for the mirror alone.  it's the best quality mirror i've ever seen inside a compact.  $70.

2.  secret outlast clear gel antiperspirant - i am tragically prone to deodorant stains.  this clear formula prevents that, but doesn't take forever to dry (like most clears seem to).  plus i stayed dry all day.

3. crest 3D white luxe sensitivity -  a recent trip to dentist lead to the discovery that my gums are eroding due to aggressive brushing.  the fix?  a soft bristle brush, brushing with my non-dominant hand, and a sensitive toothpaste.  i like this one for the latter because it's not just sensitive, it's also brightening (necessary for a coffee drinker).

4. dolce + gabbana the top lacquer matte nail coat - the biggest trend in nail texture this fall is playing with texture.  use this top coat to create a more subtle accent nail on a monochromic mani.

5.  nivea kiss of shimmer radiant lip care SPF 10 - i discovered this shimmery, frosty chapstick on honeymoon in hawaii.  it was one of my summer musts, and it's the perfect subtle lip to set off the last hints of tan.

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