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solve your skincare issues.

At one point or another, we’ve all encountered a problem that has unwantedly affected our skin. For this reason, Americans alone spend billions of dollars on skincare products every year, trying to find a magic solution. Skin problems can be terrifying, make us uncomfortable, and interfere with our daily lives. How can we properly take care of our complexion? Here are three common skincare problems and their solutions:

1. Acne is a universal skin issue. For most, it starts around the time puberty hits. It may disappear in the later teenage years or early twenties, but for some, it may never go away. There are many contributing factors to the appearance of acne; usually, blemishes are created when dirt and oil get trapped in the pores of our skin, but diet, genetics, environment, skin type, and stress levels also contribute to the blackheads and whiteheads you may find in the morning.

Tips To Prevent + Eliminate:

·         Switch to solely oil-free beauty products. In doing so, you will be preventing massive amounts of oil from clogging your pores.

·         Record the foods you have consumed once a breakout starts. Backtracking will reveal if there are any foods causing the sudden onset of acne, and you will know to eliminate them from your diet.

·         Find a stress-relieving activity. Emotional stress doesn't just affect your mind, it also affects your body. Avoiding and taking care of stress will minimize breakouts

Products To Try:
Neutrogena and Clean + Clear will aid in the process to eliminate acne, and are available at a drugstore near you. If your acne is personally becoming too much of a problem, contact a dermatologist for a check-up, and potentially use a prescribed acne treatment for your specific skin type.

2. Wrinkles are a natural part of life.  What most people do not know is that wrinkles are not only caused by natural aging. Prominent lines on your arms, stomach, legs, and face can develop from sun damage, stress, smoking, and even unhealthy diets. Crow’s feet, laugh lines, and forehead wrinkles all things people want to avoid, no matter their age.

Try These Tips To Prevent or Eliminate:

·         Wear a hat and sunscreen to protect your skin before tanning in the natural outdoors or in a booth, even in the winter. The ultraviolet rays cause wrinkles and age spots, and that’s why you must be prepared even when the sky is overcast. Proper protection will prevent sun-damaged skin and sun-related wrinkles.

·         Eat healthy because the skin needs certain vitamins and nutrients to avoid rapid aging. Eating a balanced diet, filled with omega fatty acids and antioxidant-rich foods, can help fix the deficiency in your skin. Adding nuts, raspberries, and spinach to your diet will leave your skin looking fresh.

·         Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. A daily moisturizing cream will help keep your skin from drying out, and furthermore, creating wrinkles. Make sure your skin is hydrated so that the winkles that are present appear less noticeable.

Products To Try:
Anti-aging products will prevent and reduce wrinkles. Eye recovery kits are great for managing crow’s feet and brightening aging eyes. Skinn Cosmetics products, available at ShopHQ, repair your skin, while allowing it to appear younger altogether.                              

3. Eczema is a common skin care condition that causes itchy, rough, blistered, or extremely dry skin. Unfortunately, there is usually no known cause behind it, and many experience it throughout their entire life. Eczema can appear anywhere on the body.

Tips To Prevent or Eliminate:

·         Avoid products with added fragrances -including laundry detergents, body washes, and perfumes – to reduce additional skin irritation on already sensitive skin.

·         Avoid articles of clothing that may rub harshly against affected areas and areas known to cause allergic reactions. Certain fabric types, like wool, can cause harmful reactions on the skin.

·         Use moisturizing lotions to repair the skin and promote cell regeneration. Soothing eczema with moisture will aid in clearing up the condition, and making it less noticeable.

Products To Try:
Simple unscented lotions like Eucerin, or even cortisone cream will help to soothe, repair, and control eczema.

Skin care issues have a way of making us self-conscious, but there are easy ways to deal with the conditions at hand. By focusing on your diet, daily face wash routine, and giving attention to blemishes immediately when they arise, you will be preventing skin care issues without even realizing it!

editor's note: this piece written for MakeupLovesMe.com by Sandra Fellis.

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