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review: MAC cosmetics pressed pigments.

{i see pigment}
MAC cosmetics pressed pigments are chock full of shimmer, and i like them that way.  they look like pulverized mica.  the brand has introduced 12 shades that span from light neutrals to darker smokes, with some brighter, sherbert-y shades in between.
  • vanilla diamond warm yellow beige ( frost)
  • sweet acting mid-tone pink (frost)
  • summer honey pastel coral (frost)
  • lime ice seafoam green (frost)
  • rock candy mid-tone fuchsia (frost)
  • pink pepper deep coral with golden pearl (frost)
  • enlightening deep silver (frost)
  • moth mauve with silver pearl(frost)
  • black grape deep aubergine with multicolored pearl (frost)
  • jet couture charcoal black (frost)
  • damson deep brown with golden pearl (frost)
  • midnight  vibrant deep blue (frost)
i have been wearing black grape and lime ice like it's my job.  and speaking of jobs, these shadows are glitzy, so if you have the kind of job that tries to keep your shine on lock, these may be best for after work.  but if you have a job that let's you shine like the star you are, you should start wearing pressed pigments day and night! 

MAC artist keri blair's tip for preventing fallout:  apply these shadows with your finger.  i've been following this advice exclusively (haven't tried them with a brush) and haven't ended up with any shadow below my eyes.

$21 at maccosmetics.com or MAC counters nationwide.

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