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review: guerlain spa in the waldorf astoria.

{for personal touch-ups in each room}
the guerlain spa in the waldorf astoria defines french luxe. the setting is pretty much what i'd imagine it's like to be princess in an old european castle.  tucked away at the top of an iconic NYC hotel, the serene setting focuses on elegance and personal attention.  i visited on a overcast day last week for a deep tissue massage and left a woman refreshed.

{an array of perfumes by reception}

what to expect of the setting:  the grand salon (waiting area) involves champagne (or for me a glass of red), massive windows overlooking the city, and a variety of large hardcover books to peruse.  there is no shared locker room, rather each client has their private treatment room plus individual bathroom and shower reserved for 20 minutes after their treatment to wash up or relax.  no need to bring anything, clients are provided with robes and slippers for their visit.

the treatment:  i love a firm massage and my massage therapist, cynde, did not disappoint. one of the spa's top specialists, cynde made me feel very comfortable, artfully draping me as she worked her way through all my tension zones.  the treatment took place on a heated table (my favorite) in a private room.  at the end of the treatment my body felt like play-dough - knots i had been living with for months had vanished.  i spent my 20 minutes post-treatment catnapping on the table. 

special touch: after a massage, my makeup always looks like i've slept in all it for the last 100 years. clients at the guerlain spa are offered a gratis makeup touch up after their facial or massage.  i took full advantage and left with a subtle smoky eye that made me look as fantastic as i was feeling.

learn more at the spa at guerlainspas.com.

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