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review: dove daily moisture shampoo + conditioner.

{dream team}

a dove hair study found that more than 80% of women feel more confident on a great hair day.

i rarely think about the spellbinding power of fantastic hair - but after a well crafted blowout, there's no denying an extra bounce in my step.  this doesn't happen all too often because i loathe blow drying my hair at home.  on a typical day i end leaving the house with damp hair "styled" (and i use that word generously) into a loose messy topknot

this week while testing dove daily moisture shampoo + conditioner i did a little experiment.  the formula promises hair that's 5x smoother after the first wash.    rather than binding my wet hair, i left it down and let it air dry.  no combing, no styling.  my hair has been sleek and smooth, yet with body.  so pretty.  i even got a love note from a stranger on the subway (who i'm guessing missed the wedding ring) that states he wants to take me for a "vegan smoothie".  that doesn't happen everyday, beauties.

the daily moisture shampoo + conditioner is now available nationwide.  for a chance to try it or other prizes from dove, and just for your own hubris, share good hair day pics at dove.com/GreatHairAffair.

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