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review: benefit cosmetics bathina soft to touch...hard to get.

my prayers have been answered!

years ago, benefit cosmetics used to make a tub of lotion - called bathina touch me then try to leave - that was my everything! the soft, feminine scent smelled of straight lust.  it captivated me, and any friends who tried it.  in fact, i shared story on this site in 2007 that after i moved my former roommate called months later because she desperate for the name of this product.  despite this siren's call it held over it's users, the product was mysteriously discontinued shortly after that blog post.

while i still dreamed of this lotion it seemed long gone, so i couldn't believe my eyes when i came home last night to the same great smell housed in a new container.  bathina soft to touch...hard to get is a body oil that smells identical to the bathina touch me then try to leave.  what that exact scent is remains a mystery - neither the benefit site nor the press release states what notes make up the girly floral that is "bathina".  no matter what it is, i'm delighted to have the scent return, plus perfumed body oils are something i'm sort of into for summer.  so much lighter than lotion.  benefit, how did you know?!  $34 on benefitcosmetics.com.


Janene Podesta said...

Hooray! Does it make your skin as soft too? If so, I am ON IT. ~Former Roommate

makeup loves me said...

haha - yes, janene - check it out! :)

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