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five things to try this august.

1. schick hydro silk disponsables - are a 5 blade disposable razor (i know!).  one of my newest weekend getaway must-haves.  SRP $9.99 for a 3-pack.

2.  clearasil ultra on-the-go rapid action wipes - remove dirt, makeup and sweat with no water required.  i like to toss them into my beach bag so i can wipe the sunscreen off my face before getting on the train home to prevent breakouts.  SRP $4.49.

3. maybelline great lash colored mascaras (limited edition) - these brightly colored mascaras have a limited shelf life!   on sale exclusively in august 2013.  i cannot wait to try the green shades.  SRP $6.40.

4. always incredibly thin daily liners - are the thinnest liners i've ever seen.  which is ideal because the less intrusive the better, when it comes to feminine hygiene.  a whole package of 20 fits easily in my tiniest purse.

5.  klorane shampoo with peony - has delicate, feminine scent.  especially designed for sensitive scalp. 

1 comment:

plovesfashion said...

I've been meaning to try those razors, I heard they work really well. Maybelline usually has good eye products I love their eyeshadows! Nice post!

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