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review: disney reigning beauties ariel collection by sephora.

{fit for a mermaid}
i find disney's princesses almost as intriguing as their villains.  college taught me we're not supposed to delight in the princesses because...feminism, but there's no denying their stories transport you to a magical world.  the little mermaid was the first movie i saw in the theater, and i find it every bit as intriguing as i did 24 years ago.

in celebration of disney's leading ladies sephora has created a series of makeup collections celebrating disney reigning beauties.  having already commemorated cinderella and jasmine, the latest line honors ariel.  the colorful 7 piece collection includes:
  • storybook eyeshadow palette volume 3 ariel edition, $55 (shown above) - 20 vibrant shadows with names like scuttle and sha la la la housed in a keepsake box.
  • part of your world eyeshadow palette, $30 - 4 glittering shadows that blend together easily.
  • sephora X what cha-nail-callit nail lacquer set, $24.50 - 6 polishes that are work on land or sea.
  • mermaid song lipgloss set, $38- 4 bold glosses.
  • kiss the eau de perfum spray, $50 - a perfume of bergamot, wet cucumber, and ozonic accords with water notes of wild lilac and starfruit, fused with sandalwood and ambergris.
  • kiss the girl roll on eau de perfum,  $19 - the above scent in a portable roll-on version.
  • set the mood compact mirror, $20 - better than starring in the water to see your reflection.

{the collection}
the disney reigning beauties ariel collection by sephora went live on the sephora site last week, and the storybook eyeshadow palette volume 3 ariel edition sold out almost instantly.  i happen to have one in my possession - and i love the richly pigmented wide variety of colors.  the rest of the collection remains up for grabs on the site.  but if you had your sites set on the shadow palette, don't fret -- the products have yet to make their premier on the shelves of sephora stores yet.

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