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review: clarisonic's deep pore brush head.

{the magic wand}

every few months i fall into a state of skincare despair.  the routine that has been working for me the past few months inevitably fails to make my skin glow and i start to worry that i'll need a total face transplant.  this time my fears were put to rest by my discovery of clarisonic's deep pore brush head.

the new brush head fits on the clarisonic mia 2 sonic skin cleansing brush.  this new scruber is specifically designed to clear the debris from enlarged pores, with 300 brush movements per second.  i've used it 3 times in the past week and have decided i can actually wait a few weeks before getting a total face transplant, or even a facial.  $25 for the new brush head, which lasts approximately 3 months.

the deep pore brush head is meant to work along with the deep pore daily cleanser and detoxifying clay mask.  i haven't tried these out yet, but if the brush head is any indication of how well they work, i'm on board.

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