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review: aveeno protect + hydrate lotion sunscreen.

{should've packed a snowsuit}
last thursday my best friend went to long beach.  i try to make pilgrimage to this picturesque white sandy beach at least once a summer.  unfortunately, the day we chose was by far the chilliest day of the summer and we were wrapped in our sweatshirts for the entire day.

even though sunscreen seems superfluous on an overcast day with temps in the 60s, any day with prolonged sun exposure requires screening.  the aveeno protect + hydrate lotion sunscreen with broad spectrum comes in 3 varieties - SPF 30, 50 and 70.  i discovered this sunscreen on my hawaiian honeymoon and became a convert.  it's now the only SPF that i'll use.  what makes it my favorite is that it feels just like ordinary lotion -- no sticky sunblock feel and it absorbs instantly.  this is key, because when i can feel the product sitting on top of my skin, i just don't want to wear it.  i used the SPF 30 version this past thursday; i didn't even feel like i was wearing sunscreen and i avoided cloudy day burn. 

available at mass market retailers for approx $10.

{my go-to}


LolliKelly said...

would love to visit long beach some day :) nice post!

Lorraine xx

makeup loves me said...

hi kelly!

long beach is gorgeous :)

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