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five things to try this july.

1.  dove's blue fig + orange blossom scent - is available in body wash, beauty bar, and antiperspirant form.  it's sweet-but-not-cloying scent is perfect for summer.  the fragrance combination feels reminiscent of summering on the greek island (something i aspire to do in summer 2014).

2.  neutrogena shampoo anti-residue formula -  my hair needs to hit the refresh button at least once, and usually twice, a week in the summer.   this classic shampoo remains the best for clarifying the scalp and removing build-up.

3.  skyn iceland the antidote cooling daily lotion - this lotion has a cooling tingle that lasts for minutes after being applied.  it is the most refreshing way - in addition to iced coffee  - to start a hot and steamy day.  $45.

4.  vincent longo lip + cheek stain gel stain in bellini love - i used to own this product in my early 20s -- and in recent weeks i've rediscovered why i loved it so much.  it's splash of pearly pink color gives an ethereal glow to lips and cheeks.  $22.50.

5.  nanoblur - i sometimes wish for a magic cream that could make my face look matte and line-free.  this is that elusive cream.  just add a fine layer on problem areas after makeup and look instantly photo-ready.  launching in the US this month.  $19.99.

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