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weekend at gurney's + beach bag beauty essentials.

{view from just outside our room}
dedicated readers may remember that i won a weekend in the hamptons at a dove event this spring

this past weekend, my husband and i cashed in our getaway credit and headed out to montauk's gurney's inn.  the hotel abuts the sea, with our room staring right into the deep blue atlantic.  all the way at the end of long island, montauk, and gurney's in particular, has the feel of a secret summer getaway that is passed on from parent to child.  around the campfire saturday night, we were some of the only people who'd never been before.  we met people who had come to gurney's as children and were now bringing their own children.  this, combined with the 80's only karaoke and lack of cell reception made gurney's feel like we were stepping back in time, which isn't always a bad feeling for a weekend getaway.  it was easy to forget about the many deadlines and other little worries at home.  especially when the spa was anything but antiquated, the modern space featured a salt water pool, roman bath, sauna and eucalyptus steam room.  i had a deep tissue massage by katherine that left my muscles feeling like play-doh, it was a long overdue treat. 

i'm hoping this is the first of many little getaways this summer.  something i love about summer getaway weekends is how easy they are to pack for; a summer dress, swimsuit, sweatshirt and a few beauty staples are pretty much all you need. 

here are my favorites from this weekend:

{got it in the bag}

1. NARS puerto vallarta multiple - this tangerine bronze shimmer stick can make even the best sunscreened cheeks look sunkissed.

2. goody beach bag must haves 19 pieces - complete with hair ties, bobby pins and a comb, everything you need for good hair.  the neon version of this kit is so on point for summer 2013.

3. dove beauty bar in travel size - my husband only uses dove soap, but a full-sized bar is wasted on a two-night stay so i love that they offer a mini-size.

4. nivea kiss of shimmer radiant lip care SPF 10 - this creates a really sexy lip -- both shimmery and a bit frosty -- without looking like you're trying because after all it's just a chapstick (*wink*), plus SPF 10.

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