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the latest gadget trend: smart watches.

Wearable computing devices is the 'next big thing', and smart watches are one of the first steps to this futuristic vision. There have already been a few models released, with rumours that Apple, Google and Samsung are busy developing their own smart watches. Of course for those of you who  prefer a classic watch, it is unlikely that these will go out of fashion in a hurry.

Smart watches sync up with mobile phones to offer remote viewing of media, to provide alerts, for example text messages, or emails, and to even play basic games. As the technology improves, smart watches may soon replace mobile phones and become a new trend that continues to grow over the next few years.

Popular Smart Watch Brands

The Pebble smart watch is a success story on many levels, with a record-breaking crowd funded campaign raising over 15 million dollars before one of the smart watches even rolled off the assembly line. Their e-ink smart watch has since been released to mixed reviews, with many consumers finding the basic design and mono screen to be negatives. On the plus side, they have iOs and Android versions, and a growing number of pebble apps that allow the user to modify the screen and data displayed.

Sony are often at the forefront of mobile tech, and despite not being the first on the market, their smart watch product is an impressive piece of gadgetry. It runs an Android-based operating system and syncs up with Android phones to provide updates, alerts and play media.

The latest buzz online is surrounding an indiegogo campaign to help fund the creation of an EmoPulse Smile bracelet smart watch. This device is larger than a regular watch, but packs an impressive list of features into its sleek design, including a high definition camera and beautiful flexible OLED display.

If a full featured smart watch is beyond the user's requirements, there are alternative watches that feature a more basic set of smart features. Nike have their fitness oriented Fuel Band that tracks steps taken and calories burned in addition to telling the time. Motorola have a similar device, called the MOTOACTV.

Smart Watches: A Trend To Last?
Google Glass  has been a trending topic on tech blogs recently, with the prototype already available for sale. It's not exactly a smart watch, but many experts believe it will make smart watches obsolete, before consumers even have time to become used to the smart watch concept!

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