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orogold cosmetics line.

Who wouldn’t like more gold in their life?  I, for one, love gold!  In recent years many fine skincare companies and spas have introduced gold-infused products and treatments.   However, Oro Gold Cosmetics is the first line I’ve heard of that is all gold.  Every product in this luxury line contains the magic ingredient.

{24k cryogenic diamond mask}

Gold has long been considered “the elixir of life”; the glittering metal has long been believed to have restorative properties.   While the current market has a multitude of gold treatments that seem to be a trend, they are actually a time honored ritual.  One of the most well known and longstanding gold beauty treatments is the gold masque.  Historical figures since the dawn of time have encased their faces in it.  Gold masques have been synonymous with lavishness. Cleopatra is believed to have slept in a gold masque nightly, and the queen of the ch’ing dynasty is rumored to have used a gold massage roller on her face daily.  I have been to two New York City spas and received gold masques myself.   Both formulas left me with a glow like no other.

Gold has a light, lush feel on skin.  Wearing a gold masque or cream makes one feel instantly lavish. However the benefits aren’t just in the moments after applying the cream.  This magic metal is known in the beauty world for the hydration and radiance it creates.  Using over time has the added benefits of smoothing lines and wrinkles, fading dark spots, and combating sun damage.  On the flipside, it is equally valuable for younger, more hormonal skin.  Gold itself is sterile, it doesn’t grow bacteria and helps to treat acne.  It’s soothing and stimulating properties can benefits a variety of skin types.

However not all gold products are created equal.  Many products infused with gold have entered the market in the past decade, but many products that use larger chunks of gold are not able to fully integrated into the skin and therefore cannot offer their users the full benefits.  The Oro Gold line uses colloidal gold, also called “nanogold”, which is comprised of very small and thus more absorbable molecules.   Oro Gold’s very tiny particles can easily pass through pores and seep into the skin to begin working their magic. 

One of my favorite things in the world is taking everyday rituals and elevating them to make them feel more luxurious.  Especially as I get older and taking care of my skin becomes an increasingly important chore, anything that makes it feels less monotonous and more of a special treat is a welcome change.  Having a line of truly elegant products makes skincare something I look forward to, rather than dread.

No matter what your skin needs, this line has something for you!  The Orogold Cosmetics line is extensive – with products focused on each concern and problem area.  The line has a whole collection of products dedicated to the neck!   Go ahead and treat yourself to something that will make you feel special everyday.

For more information about Oro Gold products click here.

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