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it's my birthday!

{magnolia cake from husband}
i'm 30 today!  as i lounge around my apartment on this rainy day reflecting on my 20s most of my thoughts and memories are very happy ones.  i grew and learned a lot in the past 10 years. one of my biggest accomplishments has been starting and maintaining this blog.

while i transition to a new decade, makeuplovesme has transitioned this past week to a new layout.  i'm loving how authentic it is to my original design, yet more simplistic and intuitive.  as i continue to grow and refine my life in so many ways it's fun to watch my blog make similar transitions.

this past weekend i celebrated this milestone birthday by having friends over for cocktails (from the domestic mixologist).  it was a low-key early summer night spent on the roof deck.  i envisioned many possible ways i'd spend today, my actual birthday.  but ultimately i decided to go with the basics, shopping and introspection.  i started the day with a very rainy walk in the park, and now i'm headed downtown to soho to update my wardrobe.  i'll end the day by meeting up with my husband for a thai street food style dinner at spice market.   

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