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five things to try this june.

1. skyn iceland hydro cool firming eye gels- these pads take only 10 minutes to work their magic.  they're like an instant makeover for the under eye area, perfect after a long day and before an evening out.  in the hot, humid weather i especially love their cooling effect.  for my full review from last summer click here.  $30.

2. vaseline spray +  go moisturizer aloe fresh - this lightweight spritz is the ideal way to end a day of sun - aloe instantly calms skin.  i'm packing this in all my weekend beach bags this summer.  SRP $5.99.

3. pellegrino with rosewater and kumquat - i recently concocted this refreshing summer drink because i get so bored of drinking plain water that i can easily dehydrate in warmer weather.  i pour a big glass of pellegrino, squeeze in a fresh kumquat and add just a couple drops of rosewater.  the end result is a little tangy and very mediterranean.

4. tone ocean therapy body wash - i like to change the body washes in my shower to match the season, and in the summer i like all things ocean.  this wash captures my favorite things about seawater, complete with mineral enrichment and pearl essence.  SRP $3.99.

5.  MAKE aether palette - this new 8 color palette is truly for the artist.  created by british designer faye toogood, who drew inspiration from zen spiritualism.  the kit offers a gorgeous mix of whites - from salt to quartz - with bold sulfur and cement as the accents.  the possibilities in this otherworldly little box.  $25.

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