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review: ritz carlton kapalua spa.

{women's jacuzzi}

just a week back from my hawaiian honeymoon, and i miss it deeply.  we visited both kauai and maui, two beautiful islands with distinct charms.  but for me, the highlight of the vacation was staying at the ritz carlton kapalua in maui.  it's truly luxurious.

my husband (still getting used to that word) and i visited the spa during our time at the ritz for that requisite honeymoon treatment, the couples' massage.  while it sounds romantic, couples' massage usually just means a somewhat-distracted-massage because someone else is also getting a massage right next to you at the same time.  however, this one particular massage did not disappoint.  the spa has a private garden hut exclusively for couples' treatments that felt at once - embedded in nature, private, and comfortable.  the massages themselves were perfect -- loosing up all the knots in my neck and shoulders that lingered from wedding planning and the long flight.

the service was the on the pricier side -- approx $340 with tip included.  however that price includes full day access to the spa's facilities - jacuzzis, steam rooms, saunas and relaxation areas.  after 3 hours there it's hard to even remember what stress is.  can i go back now?

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