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new: gilette venus + olay sugarberry razor.

{me, chrissy teigen, and aly walansky}
{lounging on the rooftop}
chrissy teigen, the spokeslegs for venus razors, is getting married

to celebrate venus threw a shaving-themed shower for the swimsuit model/outspoken tweeter.  the shower was held last week on the top of the strand and featured a bathtub cake surrounding by razor cupcakes.  chrissy looked predictably gorgeous and leggy.  her legs may be the entire length of my and aly's bodies.

the brand also took this time to celebrate their new razor, the gilette venus + olay sugarberry.  the newest venus razor has 5 blades, tons of built-in hydration (so much that so that no shave gel is needed) and sugar sweet scent.  the high moisturization leads to legs that are hairless and shiny in one step -- the key to summer legs.  available now at mass retailers nationwide.

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{hey, sugarberry!}

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