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vegas night out makeup.

{mini sidecars from my recent bachelorette in new orleans}
two of my longtime beauty blogging besties recently had the opportunity to visit las vegas.  judging by their instagram they had a magical trip -- filled with multi-course gourmet meals, bottle service, and light gambling.

inevitably, it made me daydream about planning a trip to vegas with my fiance.  we both enjoy whirlwind vacations, bright lights and a little bit of texas hold'em.  we've been to atlantic city - "the vegas of the east" - on many occasions.  it's one on my top 5 weekend escape destinations.  i've heard vegas can be a bit more expensive than atlantic city, with a quick weekend easily costing thousands.  we'll have to look into some practical ways to save money in vegas.  but, then i start fantasizing about my packing list.

lucky-7 vegas makeup must-haves:
  1. hard candy eye def glitter shadow in disco - this multicolored glitter shadow in a liquid silver base looks like an actual disco ball for your eyelids.
  2. all my craziest false lashes - there are maybe 40 pairs of false lashes in my beauty closet.  i have some vintage shu uemura lashes from when they were still sold in the US department stores.  one set that looks like ornate owl feathers.  
  3. nars velvet matte lip pencil in dragon girl - this will always be my ultimate red.
  4. thematic nail art - i'm thinking something a queen of hearts design.
  5. lush cosmetics lustre - this is a gold powder that is scented like my favorite perfume, lust by lush cosmetics.  i'm never sure when the right time for a gold powder is, but i'm guessing vegas is high on the list. 
  6. batiste dry shampoo - smells amazing.  a great way to refresh hair after stale air exposure.
  7. noxzema clean moisture makeup removal cloths -are my latest favorite way to remove my makeup without water.

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