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review: axe anti-dandruff styling cream.

{man's new best friend}
beauties, today we hear from my fiance, ariel about his new favorite from axe.

he says:
axe anti-dandruff styling cream makes me feel cooler than an astronaut.

axe recently had the clever idea of taking dandruff fighting out of the shower and into their styling products.  as one would expect from an anti-dandruff product, it keeps hair flake-free -- even hours after application.

what one might not expect from an anti-dandruff product is that it smells great.  it still manages to give off the signature axe masculine scent, rather than a clinical one.  another plus is that it's highly effective -- it gives good hold -- even for curly hair.  like marina, i'm starting to think a lot about what i'll be packing for our honeymoon in hawaii -- and i think this gel can definitely stand the heat.  i've also been checking out www.stand-out.net for some wardrobe re-ups -- looking our best on this honeymoon is an absolute must. 
available now from mass retailers for approx $7.99.

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