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new manicure secret: aquaphor.

{manicure essentials}
i have especially curvy nail beds.  i'm not saying this to brag.  in fact, quite the opposite.  curvy nails aren't easy to work with; on numerous occasions its been pointed out by manicurists that since my nails aren't flat it's hard to get the polish to stay put.  in fact, it's what makes me "not an ideal candidate" for sally hansen's new at home gel polish strips -- those strips just aren't designed for my curves!

it was recently suggested to me to apply aquaphor healing ointment to my cuticles before i begin polishing. doing so has the dual effect of softening my cuticles and protecting my skin from the polish run-off.  this is now the only way i'll DIY a mani -- it saves me the cuticle clean-up step at the end, which i never do anyway.  it's also slowly healing my worse-for-the-wear nail beds, which have suffered from the recent weather schizophrenia.

in the manicure shown i'm wearing china glaze neon + on + on from their sunsational line for summer 2013, not yet on shelves -- but it is comprised of 12 of my favorites brights of all time.

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