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dove truth files partners with samantha bee (interview).

{truth sleuth, samantha bee}
dove invited me to april truth day (celebrated on april 2nd, as a sort of antidote to april fool's day) to celebrate the truth that their body products offer superior skin care.  dove's truth files campaign is aimed at  spreading the word that when compared with their competitors, dove's formulas are less harsh and more nurturing for skin's outer layer. 

it was a mesmerizing evening -- tarot card readers, dove-shaped bite sized snacks, a cocktail called truth serum, and a hilarious speech from the daily show correspondent samantha bee.  funny lady, bee, is a spokeswoman for the truth files, and i had the chance for some one-on-one q+a:

me:  what inspired you to partner with dove?
bee:  i've used dove my whole life, so it was very natural.
me:  what's your favorite dove product?
bee:  just the classic beauty bar.
me:  and what is your beauty truth?
bee:  hrm...don't do too much.  like, less is more, you know?
me:  yes.  the cocktail of the evening is called "truth serum", what's your truth serum?
bee:  champagne -- i love the champers!
me:  will you be having some tonight?
bee:  maybe after i speak!
me:  are you wearing lashes?  did you put them on yourself?
bee: i love lashes, but someone else put them on for me.
me:  i love lashes, too!  you look great!

after my wonderful discourse with samantha, an auspicious tarot card reading and many a care-tini (see picture below), i won the evening's raffle -- dove is sending my fiance and i to the hamptons for a weekend in june!  i am overjoyed and can't wait to share pictures. 

{a dove-shaped pear perched on a care-tini}
{the white party set-up}

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