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bridal makeup looks.

{putting my many bridal faces forward}
i can't believe my wedding is now less than 3 weeks away!

one of the best things about being a beauty blogger preparing for a wedding is the opportunity to try out different looks for the day with some of my favorite brands.  over the past year, 6 of my favorite cosmetic lines created bridal looks that transformed my face.

each look was so different -- and i loved each in their own way.  but i'm curious, beauties, which was your favorite?  answer choices start with the top left corner and go clockwise!


Anonymous said...

NARS most definitely!

Ariel Perks said...

Yes, I would also vote for NARS! I like the Happening Palette and Dressed to Kill Satin Lipstick. May you have a wonderful wedding day! Wish you all the best! :-D

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