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new: aveeno nourish + dandruff control shampoo.

{fresh hair, don't care}

like jennifer aniston, i love being an aveeno ambassador.  have you seen her new commercial?  so cute!

something i love about aveeno is their longstanding commitment to natural yet effective skincare.  however in recent months the brand has recently been putting itself on the map with it's haircare.  they make one of the best dry shampoos (pure renewal dry shampoo), and they've recently introduced a dandruff shampoo that may not be their most glamorous product, but is a welcome addition. 

nourish + dandruff control comes in shampoo, conditioner, and 2-in-1 formulas.  i always like to have a dandruff shampoo on my shower shelves -- dandruff is unfortunate reality for me, especially in drier months.  february flaked my scalp up!  so every 3rd hairwashing, i like to use something that is flake-fighting.   the new line combine the classic anti-dandruff ingredient, pyrithione zinc, with the classic aveeno skin soother, oat complex.  natural, yet effective!  currently on mass market shelves nationwide.

editor's note:  please be advised that i am a proud brand ambassador for aveeno.

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