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new and review: bobbi brown pretty powerful rouge pot.

{pretty and powerful}

bobbi brown's new pretty powerful rouge pot is multi-functional.  the soft pink flush looks equally gorgeous on cheeks as it does on lips.  it's natural-plus radiance really revives skin. 

i love new orleans something fierce, but every time i return from a trip there my skin looks a little torn up.  since my bachelorette in the crescent city this past weekend my face has just not looked right.  i don't think it's a coincidence that my best looking this week was the one where i used the rouge pot on cheeks and lips.

the magic it works on a dull complexion is pretty impressive.  however, the rouge pot's best function may be it's power to do good.  the full $25 of all US sales of the product go to dress for success, bobbi's favorite charity.  as bobbi says, "makeup alone cannot even the playing field for women and girls across the world, but i believe that together, those who create, apply, buy and wear makeup can."

i highly recommend buying the rouge pot, as a way to donate to the charity, and give yourself a fantastic flush.  you can also visit www.globalgiving.org/prettypowerful to donate to today bobbi's pretty powerful campaign for women and girls across the globe, which officially kicks off today.  happy international women's month, beauties!

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