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new and review: ardell color impact lashes.

{hint of color}
ardell's color impact lashes are perfect.  they offer just enough color to create intrigue, and not so much that it makes the wearer look like an insect.  each lash shade comes with a suggestion about which eye color it best compliments:
  • blue enhances brown eyes
  • plum enhances green and hazel eyes
  • wine enhances blue, green and hazel eyes
  • green enhances brown and hazel eyes
this makes color selection easy, but doesn't limit one's options -- i still want to give the green a try.  but as a blue (grey) eyed girl, i had to start with the wine wispies. they were just enough wine (something that can be hard to balance) to make my eyes pop, yet not so much that anyone commented on my "red lashes".  not too long, not too colorful;  they felt like a secret weapon that made me feel extra pretty all day long.

all 4 hues come in 6 styles.  available at beauty supply and drugstores nationwide.
PS - for best affect use with duo lash adhesive.  i've never had a less painful and more effective lash applying session in my life.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The band design is just how I like them. Great lashes!

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