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my mario badescu bridal skincare regimen.

{perfect masque trifecta}
beauties, with my wedding 5 weeks away, my skincare routine has become my religion.  the words of irina, my esthetician at mario badescu, are my gospel.  i saw her for my 6 week pre-nuptial facial last week, where she gave me the following edicts:
  • do an at-home masque 2x/week:  which is actually not nearly as cumbersome as i initially imagined it would be.  it takes 2 minutes to apply, then i have 15 minutes to watch tv or blog, then a quick 2-minute rinse off.  easy!  i've started alternating between the above 3 to focus on my specific skin challenges -- preventing build-up in my pores and maximizing my glow.  
  • apply eye cream 2x/day:  again, this not that hard once one gets in the habit.  i just make sure to include it in my AM and PM beauty routines, which i admit i haven't always done in the past.  however, as my 30th birthday lingers nearer and nearer my eye area needs extra care and attention.
these two small steps have made a huge difference - my skin looks fresh daily.  but irina's advice is customized to my skin needs, so in order to get your own pre-bridal plan there is no substitute to visiting the mario badescu spa.

in addition to my home work, irina and i have also set up an in-spa schedule to insure my skin is at it's best on april 26th:
  • 6-week facial:  at my facial last week irina did deep extractions.  this gives the skin plenty of time to recover before the big day.  per irina, a facial with major extractions should be done at least 4 weeks out from the wedding date.
  • 3-week facial:  at this time i'll be coming in for minor extractions, oxygen treatment, or "whatever it is the skin needs" (in the words of irina).  i like to think of it as a fine tuning session. 
  • week of facial:  no extractions, no major peels!  this is session is about just treatments to maximize my radiance, such as the gold mask (see my review here).
i can't wait to share pictures with you beauties of my skin, hair and makeup from the big day!


Joséphine Brayda said...

I'm working on china cosmetics market and i've never heard about this brand! Do you know where it comes from? It looks good!

Anonymous said...

I also never heard this name but it seems very interesting 6 week facial, 4 week facial and I think if I do before my wedding I look gorgeous without makeup also.

lilyjane said...

Freudian slip that you said "week of facial" instead of "week of wedding"?!? ;) Can't wait to see you then!

Also, due in part to your influence, I've recently started a blog about my nails. I can only hope to become as fabulous as you one day! xo

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