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new: nair brazilian spa clay body wax strips.

{the strips}

remember freaky freezies?  well, they were the best gloves ever.  they would change color in the cold.  so even though being cold sucks, at least you would have a fun secret picture (mine was a unicorn) on your hand.  then, when were happily back indoors the image would disappear.

 nair brazilian spa clay body wax strips operate on a loosely related concept.  to use the double-sided strips you warm them between your palms, and when the strips reach the correct temperature the nair logo disappears (but comes back if they cool down too much).  i started playing with them yesterday and had so much fun that i inadvertently removed half of the hair on my right arm.  also, they have a delightful tropical scent; smells like island breeze.  this is home waxing at it's best.

the strips will be on counters starting this spring for an SPR of $7.99. also available, nair brazilian spa clay face wax strips, for eyebrows, upper lip, and chin SPR $5.99.

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