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new: demeter 2013 scents.

{yes, they even have a scent called riding crop}
i've loved demeter fragrance a long time.  when i first went off to college i stocked up on what i thought would be sophisticated, colligiate scents - like martini and angel food cake - and wore them religiously.

since those days (now almost 12 years ago), the brand has expanded to included over 250 single note fragrances.  the unique scents draw on everyday objects and experiences, like wet grass or fresh laundry.  and the line continues to grow, they will be adding a new fragrance for each month in 2013.  so far this year they've added: 
  • january - oud
  • february - flowering tonka
  • coming in march - vanilla cookie dough
  spoiler alert:  june's scent, pruning shears smells of fresh cut roses in all the best ways possible. 

for some reason it never occurred to me to layer the various single notes to create a complex signature scent.  when i met the brand's ceo at their recent event he encouraged me to do just that.  below are the notes of the personal scent combination he created for me.

{a spritz of each and i'm out the door}

the entire line is available at duane reade look boutiques.

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