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new: chantelle bra and panty set.

{happy valentine's day}
beauties, i really don't care what the haters say -- i love valentine's day.  today is wonderful day to show the people you care about, including yourself, how much you love them.  i give myself a valentine's day gift every year, and french lingerie makes a great self-gift

i wasn't always convinced of the power of high end lingerie, but after my first set from chantelle, i became a convert.  their sets keep everything in the right place, which makes them comfortable even after 12+ hour days.  i'm now awaiting the arrival of my second set, the c chic demi bra and brazilian bikini (pictured above).   

aside from their amazing fit, chantelle sets make their wearer feel powerful.  when i have my chantelle set on i channel that boss energy for the whole day.  that is the magic of french lingerie; like french perfume, it has it's own potent voodoo. 

use www.chantelle.com to find a store near you, and indulge yourself today, because if you don't believe you're worth it no one else will.  happy valentine's day!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The set featured is so gorgeous!

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