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new and review: olay fresh effects va-va-vivid powered contour cleansing system.


cleansing brushes have been having a moment for about a year now.  there have been many iterations, and the latest is olay fresh effects va-va-vivid powered contour cleansing system

unlike most  similar battery-powered brushes, this one has rubber bristles!  the rubber makes it slightly less soft on the face, but also less likely to hold on to bacteria or grow mold in the shower (which is what happened to my last cleansing brush). it has the same end effect as other cleansing brushes, incredibly soft, exfoliated skin.  my face is so soft after using it that i cant stop touching it for the next hour.  total game changer. 

this brush is also a steal, at $14.99(!) for the kit, which includes the batteries (but not the face wash.  though for that price you can easily spring for it, or just use with your preferred wash).

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